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What I Learned from the Netflix Doc: You Are What You Eat: A Twin Experiment

TBH I’ve got a lot on my plate right now. I am putting together a brand new program -Strength Foundations for Women - that launches in less than a month, but I am so dialed up that I couldn’t sleep last night.

So, to the back burner for today SFW…it’s revolution time.

I heard from another human I love and care for that they stopped eating meat after watching the Netflix movie, You Are What You Eat: A Twin Experiment

I know my pocket of the internet is tiny, but dang it I care about yall and I want your lives to be vibrant and supported, I can’t go one more day without sharing the information that needs to be shared

Here’s the deal: your body, your rules.

But would you be choosing your rules if you knew the information you are basing them on is biased?

The Women’s Fitness and Health Revolution Podcast, I created, was inspired by issues exactly like this.

The revolution here?

Stop letting Big Corporations sabotage your health by SELLING YOU THEIR AGENDAS.

Nutrition is not my main lane. But your HEALTH. And your ability to ACCURATLY make choices that are truly good for you and your longevity? 100,000% are my lane.

Food, Medicine, Movement. These should have our health and wellness at the crux of all they do, but we are a capitalist nation, whose pockets are lined with Corporations like Big Ag & Big Pharma & Big Food. And they don’t care about your wellness, they care about your money.

I feel like in general, we have gotten savvier as consumers, but it is clear in the way our country hasn’t reverted back to regenerative farming, still relies on processed foods as mealtime staples, and uses endocrine disruptors in everything from hand soap to candles to cleaning products, that we have a loooong way to go to understanding that our health doesn’t come first.

So many of us don’t have the information we need that actually supports our health and wellness, and the information that is shoved in our faces and dosed into mainstream culture is more often than not funded and comes with a hidden agenda, tied up in a poppy “we’re doing this for your own good” BS bow.

Before you write me off as a conspiracy theorist. Let’s talk stone-cold facts.

When this movie first came out I remember standing in my kitchen joking about it with my sister - the study length was way too short for the science to be accurate and it was so blatantly AND transparently paid for, that at the time I thought it would be impossible for anyone to take it as viable information. 

I. Was. Wrong.

This documentary reminded me in a big way…

We still have a LONG way to go in learning how to be informed consumers. On learning how to follow the money on where research comes from, and we rely far too heavily on information just because it is popular.

Literally, all it took was a single Google search to uncover that this “clinical trial” was conducted by Stanford University School of Medicine by an initiative that was funded by the Vogt Foundation (real quick - isn’t that the super villain corporation in The Boys?)  and their asset BEYOND MEAT (one of the most highly processed, meat alternative choices on the market).

And yet, over the past month, I’ve seen and talked to so many people who chose to cut meat after watching it.

I have no problem with a person coming to terms on their own that they want to go veg but the fact that so many people who need high levels of protein (hello adults post-30s) especially post-menopausal women have gone Vegan because Netflix told them to

I had to say something.


It shouldn’t be crazy to think we can trust what we are told.

At its base it’s the cause of a much deeper problem - the one at the basis of diet culture and our society in general that needs to change. And is so insidious.

But a good rule of thumb to follow is this:

We live in a capitalist society and it’s 2024 y’all.

If something about food (or fitness for that matter) pops off in the gen pop it isn’t because there is some new information that shot it to the forefront - we have to ask ourselves why it suddenly got SO big?

Have you heard of Dr Stacey Sims? Dr. Gabrielle Lyon? These are scientists and researchers who are studying actual cutting-edge health and science in terms of weight loss, muscle gain, and longevity. With a special emphasis on women’s bodies. 

The general consensus? it’s focused on how desperately we -especially women NEED protein - ideally regeneratively farmed, leucine-rich, protein. Especially as we age

These doctors are well revered and sought after by experts in their community.

But THEY aren’t household names. You don’t see that science blasted everywhere. Even tho it has had proven effects time and again over years of clinical trials to lower obesity, prevent Alzheimer's and so much more.


Because the research is privately funded and as of right now…there isn’t money to be made off of its promotion.

The healthier we get and the more dialed in our nutrition gets as individuals, the less money Big Ag, Big Pharma, and Big Med stand to gain.

In fact, there are studies and research papers galore that actually show these industries lobbying against and hiring scientists, professors, and internet trolls alike to come down hard on research that gets in the way of their agenda. More on this in a minute.

You are more than welcome to do whatever you want with your body! I love autonomy! 

But tough love moment? Please start to question things instead of blindly following.

Who funded this research?

What did they stand to gain?

And then question the research!

Let’s jump back to the topic at hand.

You are What You Eat.

Some of the biggest holes in this study were:

A small sample size. 44 people - 22 per nutrition plan -  is not an accurate measure of the 8 billion people on this planet. Remember nutrition is not a one size fits all protocol. The size gets even smaller when we consider, studies prove that research that relies on humans tracking their food is more often than not inaccurate. 

8 weeks is not enough time for reliable follow-up on biomarkers, certainly not as it pertains to health in the long run. Something could feel fabulous for 8 weeks, or 8 months, but if it leaves you sick in 8 years, what’s the point?And please let me be clear.

There is no question, eating a nutrition plan higher in plants is amazing for you. Anyone is going to benefit from adding more plants - especially if they were following a standard American diet before. 

I’m not anti-plant diet. I LOVE me some micronutrients. I am anti-well-rounded information. And Anti-propaganda at the expense of your health.

Another big issue with this study and its 10 minutes of results was that B- Vitamin Levels were trending slightly lower in the Vegan diet. With a longer trial, more than likely they would continue diminishing. Plus, those recorded markers could easily have been residual from when the vegans were still eating meat. 8 weeks isn’t enough time for an accurate follow-up on biomarkers!

And B Vitamins aren’t the only nutrients we rely on from animal protein over plants. Others include iron, zinc, iodine, Essential fatty acids, and amino acids to name a few.

Deficiencies that are marked only in longer studies.

And the last big hole I’ll talk about here is the gauge for weight loss.

There were 2 major issues with the findings that our Vegans lost more weight.

1st, on average the Vegans were clocking 200 calories less than the omnivores daily. We are not controlling for all variables if energy intake is different!