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How Can I Help You!?

One on one training is my absolute favorite because it allows me to work directly with YOU!

Starting with an initial assessment you then get workouts that are tailor made to meet you where your body is at and get you to your goals!

It is also the gold standard for accountability

You don't have to do this alone.

With inconsistent workouts and yo-yo exercising being a major hold up for so many of us - Personal Training takes the guess work out of how you are going to fit in a workout and puts you and your health on the schedule.


Even the written workout programming comes with weekly check ins to see what is and isn't working and troubleshoot staying on track.

I am your number one cheerleader, and I am so proud of you for taking this first step towards taking care of your health.


There are 2 Options for Working together 1:on:1! 

Ready to get started or want to know more about which is the best fit for YOU?
Sign up below for a FREE discovery call.

AKA a Quick phone call or zoom to talk a bit about goals so you can learn how I can help you and we can see if we are a great fit!

Zoom Coaching Membership

This is the ultimate accountability and habit builder.

3 weekly Zoom training sessions + weekly check-ins + email access to me for whatever comes up! 

Written Workouts

This is great if you're feeling more confident with motivation.
You'll get 4 written workouts per week + weekly check-ins + email access to me for whatever comes up!

Let's Sign Get You Set Up for a Discovery Call!

Alls ya gotta do is fill out the info below and I will get in touch to schedule a time that works best for you to see if we're a great fit!

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Jordan H, New Orleans

Kinsey is incredibly knowledgeable. She focuses on ensuring proper form, which is great since I've had 2 surgeries and been in and out of PT for years. Her enthusiasm is unmatched. She works you hard but will also have you laughing the entire time.
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