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Raider Fit

Personal Workouts & Obstacle Course Training.

Stop Running. Start Raiding.

Fitness with Raider Fit goes beyond the aesthetic. It is about helping you take accountability and control of your life. It is a small change that can spark a personal health revolution. It is about helping you create the life you deserve - the life you love!
Are you ready to KICK ASS?!

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About Kinsey

As a NASM Certified Personal Trainer with 10 years of helping people fully realize and accomplish their health goals, my passion is to guide people past their previous hurdles and every day fitness goals towards an overall healthier life they look forward to living

every day! 

Together we redefine "exercise" from the blanket term it has become of push till ya drop and take all of your time into movement as fun medicine (that's a thing, right?) that works for you not against you.

My method is to meet you where you are at and motivate you to where you want to go by building a custom plan based on your health, schedule and individualized fitness goals.

We don't schedule your life around your workouts, we work movement into YOUR schedule.


Everybody is unique with their own strengths and obstacles, so we take into account what may have held you back from staying consistent or enjoying movement in the past. I aim to not only transform your body, but to transform the way you think when it comes to mindful decision making around your overall health and lifestyle.

Oh...and we might even have some fun...


I started working out with Kinsey a few years back, and I can't begin to describe the positive impact she has had on my life. I say "life" and not just "health" or "fitness" because Kinsey really helped me reshape the way I view food, my body, and fitness. When working out with Kinsey, the goal is always to have fun and get stronger and healthier. Food is a fuel source, not an enemy, and there is never talk about restricting or dieting. Working out is about getting stronger and feeling confident, not about getting "bikini season ready." 
Plus, Kinsey's energy is infectious. She genuinely cares about her clients, and she greets each and every person with enthusiasm and personal attention. You will always leave workouts with Kinsey feeling seen, appreciated, heard, healthier, and stronger--and, with a little extra pep in your step.

Alexandra W