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30 Day Movement Challenge!

Starting May 1st, 2023.  Redefining Fitness.

5-10 Minute Daily Videos & Prompts

It's time to let movement work for you - not against you. In 30 Days we discover how movement can work into YOUR schedule - not the other way around


A Lasting Mindset Shift

After 30 days you will not only feel stronger. You will have the confidence and resources to continue a daily movement practice forever and ever without ever feeling overwhelmed.


Community Accountability

You'll be in a Private Facebook group with like minded individuals working together to create this shift, and access to me for questions and comments!


Let's Get Started

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Why Move?

Our society has created an “all or nothing” mentality with exercise. 

It’s either go hard all the time or go home.


Frankly, it makes a ton of sense to me why people have “trouble adhering to an exercise plan.”


Before I got into fitness I was 100% that person who would run on the treadmill everyday for a week to a month until I got bored or injured and then not touch the gym for many months after.


On top of giving up my main source of movement and falling back into a more sedentary life style, there was also a ton of shame and guilt tied up with not going back to the gym.


Everyday I’d tell myself, “I’ll start again tomorrow,” and when that wouldn’t happen it felt like my shoes got filled with more and more cement…and my heart.

I beat myself up about it like crazy.


I wish someone would have told me then that there was a better way to live.

And a better way to move.


Lucky for me, I went through years of trial and error as both a student and a coach to learn what I know today and THAT is exactly what the 30 Day Movement Challenge is all about…


Saving you time learning what took me 10 years to learn : 

Movement is Medicine and the 4 L's of Consistency.


The only kind of movement that is “bad” is no movement. Literally for our health.

Redefining “exercise” as Daily Movement - you will be a part of a private FB Group where everyday I will lead a 5-10 minute movement session or have a walking prompt.

Strength, toning, yoga, mobility, walking. We cover it all.


At the end not only will you feel healthier and stronger - because 5-10 minutes of movement / day is HUGE! Especially if you’re coming from 0.

You’ll also feel more confident going forward that you’ll be able to keep moving forever and ever. Plus, you’ll have lifetime access to the group for the videos and moral support!


What do you say? 

Are you ready to not leap…but take a small, manageable step towards your healthiest, happiest self?

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