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Get Consistent with Your Workouts

With workouts that are never longer than 30 minutes - this program is tailor made to help busy individuals who've had trouble in the past sticking to programs finally fit in fitness!

Feel like a BADASS on the Obstacle Course

At the end of this month - you will have the strength, confidence and endurance to tackle any obstacle that comes your way - and have a BLAST doing it!


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Let's RAID!

Do you get to the end of your day and realize another 24 hours has gone by and you haven't gotten a workout in?

You finally have a fitness plan that doesn't ask you to sacrifice time with the things and people that matter most in order to get in an incredible workout!

And ya might just have fun doing it!

There is ZERO shame in this - by the way.

 10 years ago I was in very much the same boat. For a month or two straight I'd begrudgingly go to the gym and run till I was bored to tears, and then suddenly? Life would happen.

Usually, I was so tired from work that the idea of going to the gym to slog for 45+ minutes on a treadmill seemed about as fun as poking my eyes with forks.

And just like that my movement streak would end, and everyday I would tell myself the same thing - "I'll just start tomorrow..."

And every tomorrow would roll by workout free and full of shame.

I was a yo-yo exerciser.

It makes sense though - life is full of things that need our attention other than exercise. Work, partners, kiddos, school, sick family, the list goes on and on.

#CouchToCourseRaider was built specifically with you in mind.

Workouts are 20-30 minutes and can be done totally from home.

Each week has 2 strength days, 2 mobility days & 2 walk or run days.

All you need  are a set of dumbbells - but even water bottles will work.

My favorite part?

By the end of it - you will be ready to tackle Obstacle Courses like an absolute BADDIE! Not only are Obstacle Courses FUN AF, they also give you something tangible to train for! A celebratory event! Often with friends!

Earlier this year I went online to try to find a program to help my own racing and the result? 


Sure there were a couple of pdfs with vanilla workouts...but there was nothing that was sustainable or actually targeted things I needed the most help on:

 monkey bars and rope climbs.

My response?

Why create this here program of course!

Not interested in Obstacle Course Racing?
Not YET anyway 

No worries! These next 30 days are still going to be hugely beneficial in getting your body moving consistently and starting to see and feel incredible results.

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